Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Retirement Card

I made this card for a wonderful women who is retiring from where I work after 26 years of employment.  She is Irish so you will understand why I made this card.

The caldron will say "Flo's Retirement Fund" .  I didn't have clear labels so some women are work will add that for me since I am on vacation and will show up for the gathering later this week.  Here are the dimensions:

Simply Charmed Cartridge:

5" X 7" Card from a prepared pack from Big Lots

2.75" on Pg. 32 -- The shift Leprechaun (Kicking up his heels) --
I put him on a homemade action wobble (if you would like to know how to make the homemade action wobbles go to http://www.paperboutique.blogspot.com/

2.75" on Pg. 33 -- The Caldron and all the layers
I flocked his beard and used gold stickles on the coins.
The words "Lucky U" I punched from some letters I found in a paper stack. I inked around the letters.

Since she is Irish I printed off an Irish verse I found on the internet:
May you look back
on the past
with as much
pleasure as you
look forward
to the 
~Irish verse~

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